Monday, November 25, 2013

The Grinch Fruit Snack

We came up with this fun Grinch Fruit Snack today & my boys thought this was awesome!  This is very easy to make & a great way to get the kids to eat lots of fruit for a afternoon snack.  

The Grinch Fruit Snack

1 Green Apple
Mini Marshmallows
Yellow Fruit Roll Up

 Start out by placing the green apple on a plate.  We stacked a hand full of strawberries on top using a few toothpicks to secure.  Cut a few mini marshmallows in half & attach them around the bottom of the strawberries using the Nutella. We cut out the eyes from a yellow fruit roll up. We put a little Nutella in a small baggie & snipped off the corner to decorate the face.

Here is my oldest with his fun Grinch Snack....

Here is a close up...

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  1. He is AWESOME! What a great alternative to Christmas Pud for the kids, they wont even notice it's healthy!

  2. A very creative Christmas fruit snack. It looks so much like the grinch. Amazing!